Jeffery C. Talley has been practicing law since 1991. His practice has been established in the Gainesville, Georgia area although he travels throughout North Georgia to handle felony and misdemeanor cases.

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Jeffery C. Talley

DUI Defense

A single DUI arrest can change our life. The loss of a career, the loss of a driver’s license, a permanent criminal record, jail time, fines, court costs, probation can all result for a single conviction. Jeff has defended all types of DUI cases for over 25 years.

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Practice Areas

Jeffery C. Talley practices many areas of criminal law, including Drug Possession; Distribution; and Trafficking; Georgia Murder & Violent Crimes; Robbery & Burglary and much more.

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Do you have something good to say? Take a look at Jeff’s reviews or review him. Look at the results he has achieved for his clients.

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North Georgia Premier Criminal Defense Attorney

If you need a defense attorney as a result of being charged with a state or federal crime, my firm is here to help. Jeff Talley of the Law Office of Jeffery C. Talley, LLC is a tenacious fighter. You have to be when you defend those accused of criminal wrongdoing. Here you will find information to assist you in deciding whether you need an attorney as well as information about my practice.

Everyone deserves their day in court; their chance to defend themselves against their accusers. Jeff is a criminal defense lawyer, all day every day. He has devoted his entire career to defending the accused, and he has never been a prosecutor. As a matter of fact, he has limited his practice to solely criminal defense. Our complex system of laws and court procedures make it very difficult for many of us to know enough about the legal system to defend ourselves adequately. Only a lawyer who is willing and able to bring out the evidence to support your case and understand its implications can make a difference to shift the odds in your favor. A skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced attorney can make the difference in the outcome of a legal case. Jeff Talley is known for his expertise and unwavering advocacy on behalf of each and every client. He is dedicated to serving his clients to the fullest extent possible regardless of the crime or allegation.

Every battle needs its hero, one bold and fearless and willing to fight. If you find yourself having to fight for your liberty and to remain free, you need the help of an experienced trial attorney who can guide you through difficult and overzealous prosecutors.

Don’t Let an Arrest Become a Conviction

My firm is willing and able to balance the scales of justice in your favor. Jeff Talley understands that clients come to him with a need which is often the need to avoid going to prison. He knows what it takes to convince juries, judges and the prosecution in criminal matters. His intricate knowledge of the court system allows him to anticipate prosecutor’s actions and notice when an investigation may be infringing upon your rights. Furthermore, his adversaries know it, respect him, and know that it will be an aggressive challenge. Jeff has the reputation of guiding his clients through the criminal process, utilizing creative strategies, and successful execution by way of trial or settlement, but rendering immediate on the go expertise advice when confronted with emergency situations.

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Attorney Jeffery C. Talley, Criminal Defense Attorney serving clients throughout North Georgia.

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